Rob Quist

Singing Sons of Beaches


At first it was a rumble, but in case you haven't noticed, a roar of anticipation has been sweeping across the country. The legendary MISSION MOUNTAIN WOOD BAND is back on tour, bringing their special brand of Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, and Good Time Montana party music to sold out venues from coast to coast, leaving audiences dancing in the aisles. This is a band who refuses to be pigeon holed; whose credo is found in the joy of the moment, refusing to let anything get in the way of the music, the friendships and the audiences they draw their energy from. M2WB is a band's band, playing every musical instrument with strings and every type of music while featuring three lead singers and specializing in flawless four part harmony.

Mission Mountain Wood Band first came to national prominence in the 70's, when they toured non-stop, putting over 3 million miles on their greyhound scenic cruiser playing over 250 dates a year at such places as Mr. Kelly's in Chicago, CBGB's in New York City, the Palomino in LA, and the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, as well as most of the colleges and universities throughout the U.S. They were featured on several national TV appearances such as Country Comes to New York on CBS, The ABC Cheryl Ladd Special (rated the #1 special of the year) and Hee Haw. The major acts that have opened for the Wood Band reads like a Who's Who in American music - Heart, Jimmy Buffet, Bonnie Raitt and Jay Leno to name a few.

What is it about the Wood Band that continues to draw what is now two generations of unwavering support from all over the Country? Touring to support the new release of their critically acclaimed box set Private Stash: The Collector's Edition, featuring 5 CD's, a 75 minute documentary and a 24 page booklet of tributes and archival photos, they continue to attract new fans every time they roll into another city. In the words of Jim Casto, long time M2WB stage manager and bus driver, "Mission Mountain Wood Band is not just a Band - it's a way of living life, an attitude, and more than anything, in the deepest, most profound sense, the Wood Band and their fans became a family." M2WB is made up of band members Rob Quist, Steve Riddle, Greg Reichenberg and Tim Ryan, with special appearances by David Griffith, Mike Ulvila, and Trevor Krieger. As Quist says, "We hit the stage and take that energy from the crowd and send it right back and just start sailing". After one concert, long time supporter, Steve Cripe wrote, "Magic was in the air. Everywhere you went you could feel it. No conversation lasted long without the Wood Band coming up. Tickets were gold - impossible to come by - a last minute block of 50 tickets sold almost started a riot on the hill. It was a four man attack - with the one-of-a-kind arrangements and sound only this band can produce! I laughed, I cried, I trembled and cheered. Riddle ran a between-tune prattle that was historic and played patented bass - Quist was in heaven and it showed The encore was Ghost Riders in the Sky dedicated to lost band member Terry Robinson. It was the best song I ever heard! Two days later I'm still shakin' and trembling - it will take some time to recover."

Mission Mountain Wood Band likes to joke that "there is a fictional place called Mondo, Montana. It is a place we come back to with all our friends where the jokes are a little funnier, the music is hot and the dancing never stops." Join this unforgettable band for the Tour of the Decade.