Rob Quist

Singing Sons of Beaches


Montana’s best kept secret is a band called the Mission Mountain Wood Band!” San Francisco Chronicle

The group is unpredictable and great fun, vibrant and athletic, with a joy in performing that spreads uncontrollably and a clear musical talent.”  Variety Magazine Review of M2WB Performance at Harrah’s in Reno, NV

Though the house was heavily papered in favor of opener Becky Hobbs, the Mission Mountain Wood Band were clear audience favorites from the very beginning of their hour-long set.  The band, from Montana, play a type of music that’s pretty well guaranteed to stir up a youthful crowd, combining bluegrass and rock influences and instruments into a steamy brew.  The fact that the band is able to generate a near-hysterical reaction without benefit of a record deal indicates some sort of a secret ingredient. What that might be is sheer showmanship. Variety Magazine Review of M2WB Performance at the Palomino Club in Los Angeles 

I watched first hand the impact that Mission Mountain Wood Band had wherever and whenever they played.  They are a band with incomparable energy and harmonies with the ability to cross all boundaries uniting their audiences.  They are absolutely one of a kind – great without knowing it. Rob Baird, Former Chairman of the Board and President of the Country Music Association (CMA)

The Mission Mountain Wood Band, a group of guys from Montana, actually carried the show.  It is an extremely entertaining bluegrass/country/folk group who had the audience stomping and whistling and generally going crazy.Rudy Garcia, Billboard Magazine Review of New York City Performance at the Other End

With the Wood Band on the bill, I never consider it to be anything but co-headliner status. Mike Reilly, Pure Prairie League

With propulsive guitar, drum, banjo, bass fiddle and roguish joie de vivre, they blow apart the generation and culture gaps in their audiences everywhere they go, coalescing us, with their musical and rhythmic bravado, reverence for tradition and irreverence for cliché’, into a vast and enduring tribe of uplifted spirits. Mark Staples, Writer, Attorney

When these guys hit the stage they make the rest of the world go away with their wit, their off-brand humor, their great musicianship and their impeccable vocal harmonies.  These guys were born with music in their souls. Norton Buffalo, Steve Miller Band

The Mission Mountain Boys are exceptional musicians who alternate their rip-roaring music with fine offhand humor and a sense of what’s happening, something which makes itself evident in enthusiastic response from their audiences.  Whatever they do the group is unpredictable and great fun, vibrant and athletic, often, with a joy in performing that spreads uncontrollably and a clear musical talent which shines. Mel Shields, Showtime Magazine, Reno, NV