Rob Quist

Singing Sons of Beaches


Private Stash is a triumph and will bring untold enjoyment and reenergizing to thousands - And I say that not because I had some small part in the project, but because it is just so dead-on in its "Mission," to reawaken a once-soaring, lately hibernating spirit - it is, in every sense of the word, a gift! Congratulations on an incandescent accomplishment. Mark Staples, Writer, Attorney

Wow! Ever since we picked up our copy of "Private Stash", we haven't stopped playing it. All our family and friends that came to our house over the holidays have all loved it. It truly brings out the essence of the M2WB...all the memories. Bruce Townsend

"Private Stash" is a visual and musical history of Montana's favorite band. With five CDs of never-before-released live and studio tracts, and a DVD with archival footage of the band's notable National Performances - including an ABC Special - as well as modern interviews with each of the band's members, "Private Stash" is the definitive collection for Woodheads. Jamie Kelly of the Missoulian

Our best to you all, M2WB, you have touched our family deeply. Dick and Jane Solberg Family (Jenanne, Chris, Tina, Sannan)

I received "Private Stash" 2 days ago and must say all I've done is smile,smile,smile...Floods of good memories have been released with every listen...the countless clubs and colleges in NYC, many a 2- 3 night stand at the good old Red Rail in Nanuet NY...the recording gig at CBGB's and possibly THE standout memory...surviving a cruise on the Goodship Hell's Angels barge in New York Harbour. Good, good times! Listening has reminded me of how entertaining you guys are aside from the musical talent...the constant flow of quips. It was a joy to see the videos! If I am blessed with one more chance to hear you guys live, all would be well in my mind. Thanks to all who worked on getting this collection of tunes and video out (apparently a big tip of the hat to Bonni)...It is truly appreciated. Peter ( from New Yawk City )

I've been searching for the words to sum up my gratitude for all of your blood sweat and tears that went into the gathering and producing of the Mission Mountain Woodband Private Stash. I was so moved by this invaluable collection, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best! Teresa, Dan, Amanda and Jessie

The collection is such a wonderful gift to fans and friends of this legendary musical adventure. Thanks for the memories. Gail Schultz